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BHS Luncheon 2009

AW Knaps

 (50's) 4/22/04 

Jerry LaFleur  (50's) 4/22/04
Lester Rabalais   (50's) 4/22/04
Gail Bordelon  (50's) 4/22/04
Rod Aymond  (50's) 4/24/04

Jerry LaFleur
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On July 4th, 2001, Bunkie dedicated the Veteran's Memorial.  Little did they know how this Memorial would soon become a symbol for all men and women responding to the Attack On America of 9-11-2001.

Lest We Forget what our Veteran's and fighting men and women really mean to us and the sacrifices they make on a daily basis.

Visit the dedication of the Veteran's Memorial.

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Back in August of 1998, Don Pat Descant, Gree Griffin Shaw, Becky Newton Descant, CeCe Rabalais Ducote, Billy Mixon, and Tommy McNabb, and without question Jacque Nibert teamed with Sandra and I to establish a forum for designing and managing  Our brainstorming resulted in us electing to seek participants and give them the name 'Web Jurors', i.e.,  Business, Out & About, Past/Present/Future, Design, etc.   We had a blast with it, but times got hard and we all had real jobs and family to tend to. 

I ask you to consider participating by becoming a Web Juror as we rejuvenate this web site for all Bunkiens worldwide to enjoy.  Please contact me.  Dale Descant.    BUNAVOLA Juror???

BTW:  The Sponsors you see on the right have pretty much been our sponsors since day one with the exception of A2Z...  Thank you Pattie Milligan, A2Z owner, for getting the ball rolling again.  Be a Sponsor; you'll be happy you did...

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